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Five Things Professional Women Secretly Want

I feel incredibly privileged to be able to have very real and vulnerable conversations with my clients and it's something I will never take for granted. 

More often than not hiring me as their Stylist and Image Consultant is not just about the CLOTHES!

Over the last 10 years, I've had thousands of women visit my studio. They come in all shapes and sizes, varying professional backgrounds and varying ages.

At the heart of all conversations, I've realised that most women secretly want five things. Let me add an exclusion clause: This is by no means a double-blind randomised study but it's a collection of information that I've been fortunate enough to acquire. 

1. They want to look good in their clothes and be complimented by their friends and partner.

It's really important for women that they feel like they are dressing in sync with their friends and colleagues. They want to be able to look at themselves in the mirror and really see themselves. 

We all go through cycles in our life and with our wardrobes. So many women put their life on hold in the hope they will reach their ideal weight. If they don't look good in their clothes, they often won't take the promotion, they hold back from attending events and they stop speaking up in meetings. This downward spiral effect just continues. 

I can say from experience, putting your life on hold serves you in no positive way. Make a conscious decision TODAY to start looking and feeling your best. Even if you start by purchasing one or two pieces that make you feel more confident and self-assured. 

2. They want more self-confidence.

I'm the first to admit that buying clothes to feel more confident sounds ridiculous and superficial. I've styled enough women to know that when they look good, it gives them an inner boost of confidence that ultimately has a domino effect into other parts of their lives. It really works!

3. They want the recognition they deserve.

As women, we are great multitaskers. Most clients juggle an incredible load and wonder why their memory is failing them. Being a mum of two and a business woman there are days I crave "quiet time" and to be still.

We contribute a great deal and sometimes all we want is a "Thank you". Thank you for completing this project so well, thank you for dinner, thank you for working after hours this week, thank you for looking after the kids and booking their swimming classes....All we need is a "Thank You" so we can keep going. Look around your office and offer a thank you to another incredible woman who deserves some recognition.

4. They want purpose and meaning.

Many of my clients who come to see me are often at crossroads. They have either left their high-profile corporate career or are seeking a higher purpose within their business or role in the office. It's very hard to maintain a crazy pace at work if you feel like you're not contributing to a higher purpose. Most of my clients want to contribute to something bigger than themselves.

I feel incredibly blessed to have spent eight years of my corporate career working in the breast cancer arena. If there ever was a higher purpose, this was it. Here's a photo that was taken with some of our team members during Breast Cancer month, October 2005.

Our pace was crazy but as a team, we kept going because we knew the drugs we were working on were going to make a massive difference to the quality of life of women living with breast cancer. Now, as an Image Consultant, my wish is to see every woman land the leadership roles they deserve. My gift is to show women how beautiful they are. My small part in her life is to help her use her image to break barriers, overcome biases and lead with confidence.

What's your higher purpose? By finding it, it will give you so much satisfaction in what you are doing day to day.

5. They want to spend money on themselves without feeling guilty. 

How crazy is that!!!!!! So many women feel guilty for spending some hard earned money on themselves. I want you to think about all those long hours you've put in at work to ensure you completed an important project, think about all that you do for your friends, think about what you do for your family. Need I say more! Investing in yourself is the best thing you can ever do. When you feel like you've had time for yourself, then you'll have more to give to those around you. 

Did you resonate with any of these "secret wants"? I'd love to hear from you. Let me know your thoughts.

Until next time, I wish you all meaning, happiness, and success.

Styling Your Success


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Why I Love Live Events

One of the best parts of my corporate career was working with my team(s) to achieve a higher common purpose.

In 2004 we were gearing up to launch a new biological drug that helps women fight breast cancer. It was the biggest drug for the company globally and so as you can imagine there was a lot of pressure to succeed. I have never worked harder in my life. Every person in the team went above and beyond to ensure we could make this drug available to women around the world. I have never believed more in a drug than this one.

The energy in the team was MAGIC. We all wanted so deeply to make this happen for women, to give them the best chance of fighting cancer.

The sense of collaboration, a common vision, determination and grit were so intoxicating.

Since changing careers in 2007 and becoming an internationally accredited Image Consultant I have always sought this same level of collaboration and meaning in what I do. 

My love for helping women continues but just in a different capacity.

Today I want to see every woman have the opportunity to grow into her leadership potential. My small part in her life is to help her use her image to break barriers, overcome biases and lead with confidence.  TOGETHER WE'LL CLOSE THE LEADERSHIP GAP.

Because of my higher purpose and my love for serving women, I created the workshop: "The Art of Self Packaging For Success". Ultimately I want each  woman to walk away with a deeper understanding of who she is and how she can package herself in a way that helps her achieve the business success she deserves. Let's hear from three women who have attended the workshop.

Which did you resonate with? 

I LOVE leading intimate live events. The connection and community make it so much easier to impact people's lives in a significant way!

Our next workshop, "The Art of Self Packaging For Success" is our last workshop for 2016. 

It's taking place on the 19.11.2016 and there are only a few spots left. Register here

Hope to see you there.

Janette xx


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The #1 Style Dilemma Most Women Face Every Single Day

I've now conducted in excess of 3000 styling sessions for women around the country and time and time again I hear the same dilemma women are facing every single day.

They wake up, stare blankly at their wardrobe and pick out the "it will do" outfit to wear to work.

They are incredibly frustrated and time poor and loathe having to make such decisions first thing in the morning before reaching the office.

They see all these great stand alone pieces they've acquired over the years but for some reason, they don't work together.

I really had to do something about this. The same story would unfold during every client session. 

Do you resonate with this?

I set out to create a workshop that was going to put an end to this once and for all. It's called, "The Art of Self Packaging For Success". To date we've had 100 professional women attend this workshop this year and here's a sneak peek.

So if you'd like to understand: 

  • Why certain colours don't suit you 
  • Why certain work outfits don't give you the visual credibility you need
  • Why certain shapes don't suit your frame 
  • Why certain stores don't cater to your style
  • Why you can't  pull off the "on-trend" piece
  • Why the outfit on the other woman doesn't work for you

  • Why certain pieces don't work with anything else in my wardrobe

Then this workshop is a MUST. Only 12 spots left.

It's our last workshop for 2016 - 19.11.2016

This is a small investment that will simply your life forever and help you achieve the business success you deserve. 

Click here to reserve your spot.

Hope to see you at the #1styling event for professional women.

Janette xx

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