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Gifts That Keep On Giving

So many people often say to me, "Wow you are so lucky to do what you do". And my answer is, "I know I feel incredibly blessed".

Oprah once said, "Luck is the moment when preparation meets opportunity"

I have been preparing for ten years to be the best Image Leadership Expert, Stylist and Personal Branding Expert. I know that what I give clients is the best of the best knowledge that I've acquired and continue to acquire.  I serve them from a place of wanting the best for them because they all have worked incredibly hard to get to where they are and so have I. 

What I love the most about the gifts I share with clients is that they keep on giving. 

The countless compliments they receive (even from strangers) years after a makeover is astounding. 

The ongoing commitment by them following a session with me blows me away. 

Every day clients send me photo's of their outfits and when they've had A-HA moments and I know that I've done my job.

Every day clients thank me for helping them achieve their career goals, for helping them take the stress away from getting dressed every morning and for finally understanding the "WHY's".

To be able to share my gift and to help people feel great about themselves is truly incredible. Hearing from them day in day out is what keeps my tank full and propels me to continue to serve and make a difference to the lives of women.

If you are looking for a gift that keeps on giving this Christmas then I would love to help. Just e-mail and together we can change someone's life.

Janette xx

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Is Your Leadership Image An Asset or Liability?

Image is inescapable. For better or worse -- every leader has one. So is your image an asset or liability?  

Leadership image encompasses many things: personality, behaviour, body language and speaking style, as well as formal status and physical appearance. 

As you start to wind down for the year, this is a great time to reflect on the year that was and what intentions you'd like to set for 2017.

To help you evaluate your Leadership image, I've created a leadership image assessment that you can do in one minute. The assessment is split into three parts which I have called the ABC's of image i.e. Appearance, Behaviour and Communication.

If you really want to improve your leadership effectiveness, take a good, hard look at the image you project in the workplace because your effectiveness as a leader is tied to your image.

The results will assist you determining which part of your image needs more attention and focus which will help you establish your intentions for next year. Complete the quiz now! 

Styling Your Success

Janette x

Leadership image encompasses many things: personality, behavior, body language and speaking style, as well as formal status and physical appearance. Simply stated, your image is the concept that others form about you as a result of the impressions you make on them.managing your image:

Gain a clear picture of how people perceive you now
Decide on the image you want to project
Develop skills to close the gaps, such as improving your speaking or writing abilities, choosing to be more open and show people other sides of yourself, or improving your wardrobe
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First Impressions and Lasting Opinions

Picture this scenario

You're at a year-end work party and you plan to meet a few new people for the first time. A woman approaches your group and introduces herself to you. 

In those first split seconds, what did you do? Be honest!

How quickly did you decide if you liked her? How quickly did you decide if she was intelligent? How quickly did you decide if she seemed trusting? How quickly did you decide if you liked her style?

I do it, you did it, we all do it.

Is it virtually impossible not to form an opinion about someone?

As human beings, if we have a positive reaction to someone we then subconscious start to notice and listen to other positive things about this person. We then take this information and use it to support our first impression which backs up our intuition.

And conversely, if a person makes a bad first impression we will choose to subconsciously think about things, remember things and notice things that other people say about that person that all supports our first impression.

Because we live in a fast paced world we need to make decisions about others very quickly and we rely on our past experiences and our biases to help us make faster decisions.

Psychologists call this snap decision making “thin slicing”. What we do is look for patterns to help us recognise and understand new things.

It has been said that it can take around 20 further experiences with someone to change a bad first impression (professional image institute - USA). That's a lot of time and chances are you may not have the opportunity to see that person another 20+ times.

When you think about it, we do get hung up on that first encounter. After seeing someone again, you might find yourself saying, "She’s more professional than she was the first time I met her". We keep coming back to the first impression subconsciously.

So with year-end parties upon us, take the time to think through your image and personal brand and the impression you want to make on others.

Every introduction, every meeting, and every conversation is a stepping stone to bringing you closer to achieving your career goals.

Remember the first impression you make will have a lasting impact in the minds of others.

Styling Your Success


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