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“Janette’s ability to really understand what I like was quiet extraordinary…I have worked with stylist before and I have to say this was the most fun, most educational and most productive session. Janette is indeed my best shopping find ever”
Justine – Senior Executive

“This has not just been a makeover, as “makeover” in my mind lasts a night or so, but a transition in physical, emotional and psychological wellbeing. I have NEVER received so many genuine compliments ever before.” Victoria

“Janette, you came into my life when I desperately needed a change. The style and colour consultations we had were invaluable. Thank you for curing my colour blindness as I no longer see only in black, brown and gray.” Susanna

“You showed me things that I would have never looked at in the shop. And the silk blouse from jigsaw with the paisley pattern is my favourite — I would have never bought it! ” Anjta

“I wanted to say a big thank you to you for being such a great shopper and for making the whole task of buying clothes much more fun. I always learn more about what works, what doesn’t and why!” Georgia

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Stop Being The Person You Think You're Supposed To Be

Have you ever had to play small to make a manager happy? Have you looked at yourself and wondered where that ambitious, passionate and driven person within has gone?

During my corporate career, I worked for many female managers and not all were leaders. Some knew how to inherently draw on my natural strengths and empowered me to excel and be the best I could be. I would've followed them anywhere and have done anything for them because I knew they recognised my talent and channeled it in a way that benefited the business and supported my personal growth.

I've also worked for other managers that were only happy when I played small. They lacked so much confidence and self-belief that they didn't want to see anyone else succeed. Unfortunately, over time this impacted my self-esteem and I found myself having two very different personas. Every day I'd come to work wondering who I was supposed to be. I didn't know who I was anymore. I was so exhausted walking on eggshells and playing small. I realised that if I stay working with this person any longer, it would ultimately impact my own self-belief and confidence.

So if you are finding yourself trying to be someone you're not, GET OUT NOW!

Why? Because you'll never be happy, your confidence will fade and ultimately you will not be successful.

I went on to successfully manage my own team and nothing gave me more drive and happiness than seeing my team members growing, learning, collaborating and hitting their stride.

I'm a big believer that something good always comes out of a bad life experience, you either win or you learn. Because I had worked with great leaders, I knew exactly how I wanted to be as a female leader with my team.

It's because of this life learning that I have dedicated my business and life purpose to advocating for women in leadership. Every driven, ambitious and passionate woman who has such ability should be supported, encouraged and mentored into a leadership role. I also know that women subconsciously just don’t promote themselves for a range of reasons, I was one of them. So we need to focus on who those talented women are and make sure they don’t leak out of the pipeline.

“I feel honoured to have worked with hundreds of professional women privately and with organisations collectively”. Being able to educate them in defining their leadership image has allowed me to lift their confidence, add value and to connect with and serve them in a way that accelerates their business success.

“I want to see every woman have the opportunity to reach the top of her game so she can live a bigger and better life. My role is to help her craft a leadership image that is truly aligned with her values and position so she always delivers on purpose”.

So if you are reading this post and it speaks to you then please come on over and join our tribe www.imageconsultants.com.au. 

Lifting and supporting women into leadership roles is not only good for the individual but it also makes business sense.

New data from the Peterson Institute for International Economics and EY analysed results from 21,980 global, publicly traded companies, in 91 countries from various industries and sectors and showed that having at least 30% of women in leadership positions, or the “C-suite,” adds 6% to net profit margin. Click here to read the study results. 

The study looked at women in three positions: CEO, board members, and members of the C-suite. It found female CEOs do not systematically outperform their male counterparts. While there is some evidence that female board members are associated with greater profitability, the results are not statistically significant. But the C-suite results were clear: more women translated to higher profits.

So if you are a female leader who is responsible for mentoring other women, please take this role seriously. Help women express their talent and find their voice. Above all encourage them to be themselves so they have no need to be anything but the intelligent and magnificent women they are. 

Styling Your Success


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How To Claim Your Space As A Female Leader

As an internationally accredited Image Consultant and advocate for women in leadership roles, I feel privileged to have collaborated with leaders across diverse industries. Although the industries are varied the message I receive from female leaders is all too familiar.

They often tell me that, "being heard and having a voice" is a daily conscious effort they need to apply in order for them to be taken seriously and to have a seat at the table. As they progress along their leadership path, the higher they climb the fewer the females there are. It can be a lonely road to the C-Suite.

As many of you know using your voice to drive change or share an unpopular point of view is not always easy. So how can you use your image and voice to claim your space as a female leader? Let’s explore the possibilities.

1. Consider Your Body Language

One way that status is nonverbally demonstrated in a business meeting is by physically taking up room. Less-confident women tend to pull in their bodies and minimise their size, while high-status women expand and take up space. The act of taking up more space can also be called “Power Posing”. Social psychologist Amy Cuddy struck a chord in the business world at TEDGlobal 2012 when she gave a talk about the scientific evidence behind power posing. Her research showed that standing or sitting a certain way, even for two minutes, raises testosterone levels and lowers the stress hormone cortisol. These immediate changes in your body chemistry can affect the way you do your job and interact with other people. Click here to see the video.  

2. Dress How You Want To Be Addressed
What if you have enormous leadership potential — but no one can see past your mismatched image? According to research conducted by the Centre for Talent Innovation on Executive Presence, appearance serves as that "first filter", the missing link between merit and success. If you need guidance in crafting an authentic image that gets you noticed for the right reasons then please click here and learn about "The Art of Self Packaging For Success" workshop. We will help you cultivate a look that earns you respect and has impact and influence. As professional women, the judgments are magnified because so often we have to prove that we are not just a pretty face, that our power is not just skin deep but all encompassing.

3. Practice Your Voice
The Centre for Talent Innovation also discovered through their research that 28% of a person's opinion about your level of executive presence was related to how well you communicated. Is your speaking style concise and compelling? Can you command a room? These two points were the most important components within the pillar of communication. I have referred many of my clients who are female leaders to NIDA’s corporate performance program. This is a great program to help you create impact and influence. Don’t forget that having a voice is as much about finding yours as it is honoring that of others. Always serve to understand before being understood.

A Final word
If you have a seat at the table, whether that’s at the C-suite level or at a high-level meeting, someone believed in you enough and advocated for you to be where you are. You have earned that spot so please keep your image and voice strong. Having this position is a waste if you don’t make your presence known. And just as someone believed in you, don’t forget to offer your time and skills in helping our next round of female leaders.

As Donald Walters said, “Leadership is an opportunity to serve. It is not a trumpet call to self-importance”.

Styling Your Success



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How To Match Your Dressing Style To Your Winter Boots

Yes, Winter is here!  If your anything like me I love to dress up in winter.  

Have you pulled out your winter woollies and boots yet? One of the decisions you will need to make this season is, "Which style of boot should I wear"?. Given its a staple winter piece lets explore the ultimate boots that cater for your dressing style. 

Here are my insider tips that I use when looking for that elusive pair for a client. The questions I ask include:
1. When will these boots be worn? work, dinner, Saturday brunch or all three
2. What is my client's dressing style personality? sexy, feminine, classic, or sporty
3. Do they have any fitting issue ie full calves, wide feet, bunions etc? 

Once I have the answers to these questions I start my hunt for the perfect pair. BUT first, let's also do a quick recap on the key elements of each dressing style.

1. The Romantic / Feminine Woman
Think Jennifer Hawkins, Kate Winslet, Naomi Watts
Impression: Soft & Romantic
Clothes: Soft structured with lace, velvet, and silk, Natural make up
Hair: Bouncy, Natural looking, Medium to long

The key elements I look for is the fabric and detail. Feminine women love suede / velvet and soft fabrics. They also appreciate details such as tassels. 

2. The Natural / Sporty Woman
Think Jennifer Aniston and Elle MacPherson
Impression: Informal & Unpretentious
Clothes: Casual styles that are comfortable, Natural fibres, Unmatched separates, Easy care fabrics
Hair: No styling products, Easy care, Functional

These women appreciate a low comfortable heel as found in a riding or ankle boot with an almond toe shape. Tan is a popular colour choice.

3. The Sexy / Alluring Woman
Think Kim Kardashian, Victoria Beckham, Angelina Jolie 
Impression: Seductive, Glamorous & Daring
Clothes: Body contoured styles, Waist emphasis, Tapered hemlines, Daring solid colours ie red & royal purple
Hair: Wild & uncontrolled, Full, Angular, Bouncy and Curly, Medium to long

They adore heels (usually a stiletto) with a patent or smooth black finish. Suede is also an option for these women. A pointy toe and a high heel is a must! 

4. The Classic / Traditional Woman
Think Kate Middleton, Princess Mary, Michelle O’Bama
Impression: Tailored & Businesslike
Clothes: Tailored & functional in solid colours
Hair: Tidy & easy to manage, Medium-length

These women will buy simple understated boots that are timeless. They will usually opt for a leather finish with a slightly thicker heel as they tend to be more practical and functional. They also appreciate an almond toe shape.

Now that all the sales are on, it's a good time to head out and find your perfect sole mate! If you need a hand just reach out to janette@imageconsultants.com.au. We'd love to help!

Styling Your Success,



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