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My Wish “Together We Will Close The Leadership Gap”

Organisations the world over are currently challenged with a lack of women in leadership positions . So that tells me there is no better time than right now for you to step up and craft a genuine, confident and consistent leadership image that gets you noticed, listened to and promoted.

Mahatma Gandi once said, "Be the change you wish to see in this world". Being an Image Leadership Expert is my calling and I believe I have been put on this planet to help women realise their potential, to lift them up and to be their silent partner in helping them craft an authentic personal brand that will help them secure those leadership positions.

Who is Janette Ishiyama?

Hi and thanks for dropping by. I’m Janette the go to Personal Branding expert for professional women and founder of Image Consultants. 

In 1970, my parents migrated to Australia with the hope to start a new life. Strong family values and education were paramount in my upbringing. Because I witnessed how hard they worked and what sacrifices they had to make, I made a vow to myself that I wasn’t going to throw away my university education. I knew that education was going to be the vehicle to help me get ahead.


So several years later with a degree in Biotechnology, I started working on cutting edge cancer therapies within the pharmaceutical industry and travelling the globe working with global business teams. Every now and then I would receive letters from remarkable women who were fighting breast cancer and they would tell me about the positive impact our drugs were having on their quality of life. I always felt so removed from these women, I could never reach out to them or connect with them. I’ve realised over the years that connecting with others and being of service is what fuels me inside.

So for six months I’d walk into my office, sit in my chair, look out the window and wonder how can I make a greater difference, how can I connect with others and be of service.

How It All Started

One day the General Manager called me into his office. He looked at me and said, “What do you think of the way people come dressed to work?” We walked out into the corridor and he said, “Now, do think that’s appropriate or am I being old fashioned?”. There was a female senior executive wearing a pink velour tracksuit. In her defence is was “Casual Friday”. We both agreed that it wasn’t appropriate attire for a senior executive. Moments later I walked out of his office and I was struck by two things.

The first was that people really do notice what you wear but they never tell you what they think. Here was a brilliant marketer who was sabotaging her career because of the way she dressed. She failed to realise that her image is her biggest marketing tool. I refused to see her miss leadership opportunities because of how she dressed. She's worked way to hard to get to where she is.

After I got over that I realised that maybe I have a natural talent in knowing how to package myself! Little did I know that I too had a brand. That evening I discovered the world of Image Consulting. In 2007 I left my corporate role, received my international accreditation and started my business.

“So I followed my heart, trusted my judgement and did it with passion”.

For the past ten years, I feel honoured to have worked with thousands of professional women privately and with organisations collectively. Being able to educate them in defining their leadership image has allowed me to lift their confidence, add value and to connect with and serve them in a way that accelerates their business success.This is my driving force. 

Day to day I am fiercely driven to deliver the best service to my clients. I also believe in the "healthy body, healthy mind" mantra and my ultimate purpose is to live the highest and truest expression of myself. We continue our work by volunteering our services for Dress For Success Sydney


What Do We Stand For?

Everything about Image Consultants and what we are about is growing into our potential and helping you grow into yours.

HEART - having meaningful conversations with no judgement
REAL - vulnerable conversations through authentic connections
Serve You - you are why we exist
Add value - we only take on request where we can add serious value
Education - knowing what really suits you & WHY!
Getting Results - There is nothing

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“As soon as we met Janette we knew she was the right person to lead our Women in Mortgage Business Network seminar series. She did a fabulous job delivering a very well received presentation in three cities. She was extremely pleasant and easy to deal with and the feedback from our members has been very positive.”
Mortgage & Finance Assoc of Australia (MFAA)

“When I see photos of me like this one all I can think of is 'Thank You Janette’. I can still hear your words 'sweeping fringe, below shoulder length hair, darks on the bottom” Sarah

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