Recently, my family and I went to visit the Aquarium. Towards the end of the tour we sat and watched a vast array of fish swimming so peacefully in a large tank. What struck me was how different each fish was. Each had its own set of stripes, tail shape, and colouring.It made me reflect on the human species. Have you ever walked through the city at peak time and noticed how all executives both male and female all the look the same? Where is their uniqueness? Where is the colour? 

As a female leader, it’s important that you learn what sets you apart from others and how you can communicate this through your image, behaviour and words.

As you start to define your personal brand you’ll need to learn how to align your values and your personal brand so all that you say and do is in harmony with who you are as a person. Knowing how to do this will help you get the cut through you need to stand out and lead with confidence. 

Let’s look at examples of Australian female leaders and how they use their image / style to express their values, traits and uniqueness.

1. Lisa Messenger: Entrepreneur, Game Changer

Her style is all about having an edge, being an innovator and disruptor. Notice how she uses line, design and colour to express her traits?

  • She uses colour blocking to make a dramatic statement and to demonstrate confidence. 
  • She uses distressed pieces and interesting texture to let others know that she’s not a conformist and she has an edge.
  • She uses angles in her clothing and shoes to demonstrate that she’s confident.

2. Gail Kelly: Former CEO of Westpac 
Her style is all about having a confident, bold and powerful presence. 

  • She uses bold high contrast colours to have an immediate impact and to be noticed. This is helpful when she’s delivers podium speeches.
  • She favours skirts over pants which carry a higher degree of formality.
  • Her hair is short and angular which also adds to her bold presence.

3. Julie Bishop: Australian Foreign Affairs Minister
Her style is all about being impeccably classic and diplomatic.

  • She is always in a suit (either matched or unmatched). The fit of her clothing is perfect. This conveys confidence.
  • Her style doesn’t offend anyone and expresses diplomacy which is beautifully aligned with her role as Foreign Affairs minister. 
  • She pays close attention to her grooming. Her look from top to toe is flawless. This expresses the level of respect she has for herself and for others.

As an internationally accredited Image Consultant, it’s my driving purpose to help female leaders identify their uniqueness and to show them how to express that through their clothing and behaviour. Each client is so incredibly different. Each with a different set of values, priorities and at a different stage of their life. 

I hope this article has given you some A-HA moments. It’s time to reflect on your personal brand. Do you have one? Are you happy with how you communicate it?

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