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When Is It The Right Time?

Kelly, my client from Brisbane called me yesterday feeling frustrated. She'd just come back from the mall having spent hours with no success, trying to find the pieces to complete her professional/smart casual wardrobe.

Have you ever experienced that?

In 2017, Kelly and I embarked on her personal brand journey kicking off with a personal brand discussion followed by a personal colour session and styling session. Armed with the key knowledge, Kelly hit the ground running and had great initial success in finding some fabulous pieces to up level her professional look.


She started to feel overwhelmed, she was trying to process all the information around colours, body shape, dressing style personality, styling principles and she quickly became frustrated and stuck.

So why am I sharing this story?

Because I want you to realise that discovering and creating your personal brand is a journey. As human beings we are multidimensional. We have so many layers and every layer needs to be explored before moving onto the next. Sometimes you just can't explain certain things like:

  • why you cut the tags off your clothing
  • why you must feel the fabric first before trying on a piece of clothing
  • why you dislike linen
  • why you gravitate to texture
  • why you've lost your true style

Having taken hundreds of women through the Platinum Personal Brand Program, I know with 100% certainty that they will get long-term sustainable results.


Because we've taken the time to peel away the layers, to discover her essence and put a plan in place to create a visual signature of how she wants to show up in the world that is fully aligned and authentic to who she is.

The program is a 5-6 step journey carried out over 6-8 weeks and each step is equally important. Miss one and you'll find yourself having more questions than answers.

The good news

Kelly and I are going on a personal shopping session so I can show her in practical terms how all the branding, personality, colour and styling elements all fit into place so that it ultimately supports her personal brand and how she wants to show up in the world.

I know in my heart that this is the best way I can serve Kelly to ensure she gets the long-term gains.

Having spent ten years working with professional women, this journey is not something we can understand and solve in one or two sessions. Whilst you may initially have success, you have yet to fully form and understand your brand to be able to take it to the next level.

SH is a client that recently completed the Platinum Personal Brand Program. Here's what she said.

So when is it the right time to embark on the program?

  • If you wake up every day and feel uninspired by your wardrobe
  • If you find yourself wearing the same combinations week in week out
  • If you feel invisible at work
  • If you feel like you're not getting the recognition you deserve
  • If you go shopping for hours and come home with the "it-will-do" piece that only works with one other piece in your wardrobe.
  • If you've evolved as a woman and your current wardrobe signals where you've been rather than where you're going

Today I'm offering you an opportunity to work with me one-on-one within our Platinum Personal Brand Program.

I feel incredibly connected to this program because I've now taken hundreds of women on this journey and the results have even blown me away.

Over the years I've continued to refine it and ensure it puts every professional woman in an elevated position so she can go after the success she deserves.

Together we will uncover the essence of who you are and how you want to show up in this world.

Today I'm offering you a $49 voucher to use towards this program - expiring February 28th 2018.

You can use this voucher towards the whole program or simply get started with one session of your choosing.

Click here and let's schedule a call to see if this is the right program for you.

I am coming for your transformation!

Are you ready?

Janette x

How Your Personal Colours Impact Your Interior Styling

If you read my posts you'll know this post is not what I usually write about, however my client Sylwia popped into the studio the other day to start her personal brand journey and we embarked on assessing your best personal colours.

She was shocked to realise that she decorated her home according to her own personal colours and lived in a home that reflected her style personality. She suggested that I should write about it as she was so impressed with how her natural instinct led her to make choices around the location of her home and how she styled her home. For some reason, she knew she felt very comfortable and harmonious in her surroundings BUT had no idea that it was so closely connected to her personal colouring.

So what is the connection you might be wondering?

Let's start by me showing you what a colour swatch looks like. This swatch below contains every colour that suits your personal colouring. There are colours in there that are "neutral" colours that you use to purchase your big-ticket pieces in such as your suits, blazers, pants, coats, jackets and skirts. The remaining "basic" colours are those you use to purchase your tops and accessories in. You can also use this principle to purchase your couches/armchairs and bedspread in your neutral colours and cushions, throws and other soft furnishings in your basic colours

Each one of us is subconsciously drawn to colours, prints, and textures that correlate with our own “seasons”. Many of my clients are blown away when they discover that their bedspread, cushions, couches, rugs, and artwork are actually in their own personal colours and best prints. Let's explore the four main seasons and how they apply to the interior styling of your home.


Winters like bold colours and geometric prints such as stripes, dots, chevron, checks, and plaids. They will often use these prints in their soft furnishings such as pillows, throws, lampshades, and rugs. They like to live in high-rise apartments/loft style with city views or glamour’s looking homes.

Winters may choose white, black, charcoal or navy as colour choices for their couch. When it comes to their soft furnishings they may go for royal purples, lemon yellows, hot pink, emerald greens, royal blues, bright reds or stick with a monochromatic style.


Autumns like earthy tones and their homes are usually surrounded by lots of trees. They often are drawn to timber and like the idea of texture such as velvet and linen. The prints which they gravitate to include leaves, abstract floral and even some leopard print

When it comes to their couch, autumns are most likely to aim for dark chocolate, tan or olive green. For their soft furnishings, they will aim for caramels, oranges, taupes, grass greens, chocolates, aubergine, mustard yellows, – all the colours you’d find in the forest.


Summers like their home to be comfortable and often have a “beach” or “Hamptons” style décor. They also like to live near the water. They very much value natural fibers like linen, pure wool, and cotton. Their favourite prints include floral, some stripes (nautical look) and some texture such as frills, tweed, linen or ruffles.

When it comes to their couch, summers may choose white, taupe, charcoal or navy. With regard to soft furnishings, they will be drawn to duck egg blue, light grey, pastel pink, lavender, steel blue, dusty purple and sea green.


Springs are lovers of life and also love to live in eclectic neighbourhoods surrounded by art galleries, the theatre, and cafes. They are drawn to lots of different things so you will find that they update their furnishings on a regular basis to match their current interests. They will often go for bright happy colours and have an eclectic taste for prints. They often collect great pieces during their world travels.

Springs may go for corals, lime green, bright yellows, salmon, teal, tomato red, bright purples, orange and bright blues. Springs are happy to not use a neutral core colour and instead opt for a bright colour.

So not only does a colour swatch help you dress, it also helps you select a harmonious location for your home and help you create an interior space that is totally reflective of who you are as a person.

I hope you've enjoyed reading this post and have found it as interesting as my client Sylwia.

If you'd like to embark on your very own personal brand journey, come and join me and 20 other ambitious women and learn,  The Art Of Self Packaging For Success. Click here to register. 

Styling Your Success,


Autumn Style Staples For The Professional Woman

If you're anything like me I'm welcoming Autumn with open arms. Having barely survived a horrendous summer in Sydney, I'm looking forward to layering up this Autumn / Winter. 

Winter is approaching and while some of you are probably still in denial about the departure of summer - it's the perfect chance to refresh your winter wardrobes and curate stylish cold-weather outfits that are fit for any office.

With every new season, clients always want to know: 

  • What are the new trends
  • Do they suit my dressing style
  • How can I integrate them into my existing wardrobe

So let's take a look at what's on offer this Autumn/ Winter 2017 and if these trends are right for you.

1. Structure

This trend suits a woman with a dressing style personality that is classic, dramatic and alluring. A sleeveless structured dress can be easily layered with a silk blouse or alternatively, it can be worn with a tailored blazer teamed with boots and tights. There are many structured long line vests that can easily integrate with work trousers or with jeans on the weekend.

2. Softness

This trend suits a woman with a dressing style personality that is feminine and classic 
Silk seems to be the fabric of choice this season. The softness of a silk blouse always looks great when teamed with a structured piece such as a sleeveless vest or leather jacket. By the way, the red dress from Scanlan & Theodore is divine when teamed with black or navy knee high suede boots.

3. Natural

This trend suits a woman with a dressing style personality that is natural sporty, classic or feminine. From experience, I have found that women with a summer seasonal profile really appreciate natural fibres such as cashmere and silk. They appreciate the smoothness of the fabric against their sensitive skin. Cashmere sweaters are also showcasing on a bigger scale this year. They are great to team with all your big ticket pieces such as pants, skirts, coats and jeans.

4. Colours

Monochrome step aside for some unpredictable brights. Think fuchsia, red, lavender, military greens, metallic shines, midnight blues and spicy mustard. My advice is to always have your personal colours assessed first before you venture out and start spending large amounts on pieces in the wrong colours.

Just remember that as a professional woman your style and personal brand is an opportunity to tell others who you are and where you're going, without compromise. 

So don't buy any piece that doesn't truly reflect the real you. 

Click here to schedule a complimentary 15-minute call and learn how I can help you create a personal brand that makes you feel confident and tells the world where you are going.

Let's together close the leadership gap.

Styling Your Success


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It's Not About The Clothes But What The Clothes Can Do For You

Let's be honest, you know your clothing choices affect and reflect your self-image and how you feel about yourself.

Imagine right now you've woken up and you're standing in front of your wardrobe and you're trying to decide what to wear for the day. At this point in time, your head and your heart are having a conversation and it's going something like this:

Head: I need to leave in 15 minutes otherwise I'll hit traffic or miss the train

Heart: How do I feel today and how do I want to feel today?

Head: What did I wear yesterday, did I shave my legs, do I have high-level meetings today?

Heart: I want to feel confident and look like a woman and try wearing something different today

Head: Just wear that outfit you always wear, you know it works. Done!

Heart: So boring, why can't I work out what to wear? I hate this

Sound familiar?

This internal dialogue can go on for minutes. You're stressed, time-poor, have decision fatigue and you feel down. Your day has only just started and this dilemma has set your mood for the day. You leave home feeling flat. You can't wait to get to your local coffee shop to grab your pick me up.

I've had thousands of conversations with women over the years about their clothes, wardrobes and career aspirations. Having conducted in excess of 3000 styling sessions for women around the country I keep hearing the same dilemma women are facing every single day.

They wake up, stare blankly at their wardrobe and pick out the "it will do" outfit to wear to work. They see all these great stand alone pieces they've acquired over the years but for some reason, they don't work together.

They are incredibly frustrated and time poor and loathe having to make such decisions first thing in the morning.

The thing is, they recognise that they can't fly under the radar anymore. They know they need their personal brand to start working for them. They know that dressing in separates is here to stay and is the new power dressing.

If you’d like to learn the techniques that will help you create a style that supports your business goals and supports your inner confidence then come along to the  “The Art of Self Packaging For Success".  Come and learn how to master the NEW way women are dressing for work.

It's taking place on the 25.03.17 at the Sydney Westfield Styling Suite

Here is some unseen footage from previous events.

The techniques I will be teaching you I have taught during my corporate workshops and I know they work because my clients have used them with great results. My clients are now primed and ready for their next career step, their laser focused on their message and goals and don’t have to give their image and personal brand a second thought. They have invested the time to get this right so that all their energy now goes into preparing for that promotion or landing their dream client. 

There is no doubt in my mind that when you dress to reflect who you really are, your confidence skyrockets and that's when you do your best work.

Note: Part of your ticket is redeemable towards a personal service & you will receive complimentary half hour speaker appearance by Janette Ishiyama in your organisation (more information at the workshop)

Click here to reserve your seat.

So don't sit on the sidelines, take action and be the driver of your success.

I hope to see you at the #1 Styling Event for Professional Women & Entrepreneurs.

Styling Your Success

Janette x


Gifts That Keep On Giving

So many people often say to me, "Wow you are so lucky to do what you do". And my answer is, "I know I feel incredibly blessed".

Oprah once said, "Luck is the moment when preparation meets opportunity"

I have been preparing for ten years to be the best Image Leadership Expert, Stylist and Personal Branding Expert. I know that what I give clients is the best of the best knowledge that I've acquired and continue to acquire.  I serve them from a place of wanting the best for them because they all have worked incredibly hard to get to where they are and so have I. 

What I love the most about the gifts I share with clients is that they keep on giving. 

The countless compliments they receive (even from strangers) years after a makeover is astounding. 

The ongoing commitment by them following a session with me blows me away. 

Every day clients send me photo's of their outfits and when they've had A-HA moments and I know that I've done my job.

Every day clients thank me for helping them achieve their career goals, for helping them take the stress away from getting dressed every morning and for finally understanding the "WHY's".

To be able to share my gift and to help people feel great about themselves is truly incredible. Hearing from them day in day out is what keeps my tank full and propels me to continue to serve and make a difference to the lives of women.

If you are looking for a gift that keeps on giving this Christmas then I would love to help. Just e-mail janette@imageconsultants.com.au and together we can change someone's life.

Janette xx

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