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The Confident Career Woman Program – Launching February 2017

I’m thrilled to be sharing with you today a program that has been designed completely with you in mind. 

For the past few months, I've joined forces with my colleague Gillian Fox, who is a leadership expert to design a two-day intensive program that truly addresses all those leadership stumbling blocks that you’ve shared with me over the years.

The exciting NEW program is called "The Confident Career Woman"

It is a NEW two-day intensive program launching in February 2017, designed for emerging female leaders like yourself who want to :

1. increase their business impact
2. grow their influence
3. and boost their self-image

The idea for this program came as a result of hearing so many stories from women telling us they’ve tried to be more confident and poised – having read all the relevant books and articles on the topic – but who then still struggle to deliver on what they’ve learnt when challenged at work. They say a lack of confidence is limiting their potential and seeing them get overlooked for big opportunities.

If you want to make 2017 the year that you increase your business impact, grow your influence and boost your self-image then click here and learn about “The Confident Career Woman” program.

We’re confident our combined 30 years experience in empowering professional women both in Leadership and Personal branding means we’ll deliver something you haven’t experienced before.

So come and join us and other like-minded sophisticated women on Feb 23rd and 24th and learn the habits of confident women and accelerate your career success .

Styling Your Success

Janette x

P.S There are limited seats for this program so if you want real results in 2017, click to enter your details and we’ll call you to discuss the program.

What would your career look like with more visibility, a stronger self-image and healthier business relationships?

Welcome to 2017. Have you set your career goals yet?

For the past ten years, I’ve styled thousands of women for professional success. 

Many women have told me that when they look great, they automatically feel their confidence increase which then translates into their work. 

I speak with emerging female leaders every day and there are common stumbling blocks that have prevented them from displaying more confidence at work. 

This is what they’ve shared with me:

• Often they feel they are not being taken seriously by senior executives  

• They’re not clear on what specific skills are required to communicate with conviction and credibility

• They don’t know how to create a leadership image that reflects their experience and signals their ready for the next big opportunity.

• And more than anything, they’d like to know how to promote themselves and make their value visible in a way that feels authentic to them. 

Did you relate to any of the above stumbling blocks?

I know sometimes it’s not easy to have your ideas heard and acted upon by senior management. 

I imagine that sometimes you just wish you could have a greater presence, speak up, take risks and have your ideas be acknowledged.  

If you answered YES to any of the above then look out for an e-mail from me next week where I’ll be telling you about a NEW two-day intensive program. My colleague Gillian Fox who is a Leadership Expert and I have combined forces to create “The Confident Career Woman”.

Styling Your Success


P.S If you want to make 2017 count then make sure you don’t miss my e-mail next week.

I'm so excited to share this with you

I'm so incredibly excited to let you know that no matter where you are in this big beautiful world, you can now access "The Art of Self Packaging For Success" workshop.

So many of you have reached out to me during this year asking when I'll be bringing this live public three hour workshop to your city. Having heard all your comments, I set out to record this workshop so that every woman who wants to learn how to craft a leadership style can do so from the comfort of her couch and at her own pace. 

The reason why I created  "The Art of Self Packaging For Success" workshop is because I want to see every woman have the opportunity to grow into her leadership potential. My small part in her life is to help her use her image to break barriers, overcome biases and lead with confidence. I want each woman to understand how she can package herself in a way that helps her achieve the business success she deserves.

If you are a professional woman who wants to learn how to maximise your personal brand and style then this workshop was designed with you in mind. 

We now have had 120 professional women attend our live workshops this year and the magic that has been created each time I serve them has been phenomenal. Not only will you learn from me but also from the insightful woman who participated. Here's what Gail had to say from attending our workshop.

For the past ten years, I have continued to invest in myself and upskill as an Image Consultant, Personal Branding Expert and Leader. In this workshop, I gift you with all the knowledge I have acquired over the past ten years as I've honed my skills. I have now conducted 3000+ styling sessions and 300+ corporate image workshops for top tier organisations around the country.

Here's a sneak peek at our workshop.

If you'd like to learn more about our workshop, click here. You can either

1. Register your interest for future workshops

2. Attend our next workshop in Sydney - February 4th, 2017

3. Purchase a copy of the live workshop along with workbook and templates.  

If you decide to purchase the live workshop I know that you will receive enormous value from the key styling tips to help you achieve the personal style and business success you deserve.

Let me know what you think! Would love to hear your thoughts.

Styling Your Success



Is Your Leadership Image An Asset or Liability?

Image is inescapable. For better or worse -- every leader has one. So is your image an asset or liability?  

Leadership image encompasses many things: personality, behaviour, body language and speaking style, as well as formal status and physical appearance. 

As you start to wind down for the year, this is a great time to reflect on the year that was and what intentions you'd like to set for 2017.

To help you evaluate your Leadership image, I've created a leadership image assessment that you can do in one minute. The assessment is split into three parts which I have called the ABC's of image i.e. Appearance, Behaviour and Communication.

If you really want to improve your leadership effectiveness, take a good, hard look at the image you project in the workplace because your effectiveness as a leader is tied to your image.

The results will assist you determining which part of your image needs more attention and focus which will help you establish your intentions for next year. Complete the quiz now! 

Styling Your Success

Janette x


Leadership image encompasses many things: personality, behavior, body language and speaking style, as well as formal status and physical appearance. Simply stated, your image is the concept that others form about you as a result of the impressions you make on them.managing your image:

Gain a clear picture of how people perceive you now
Decide on the image you want to project
Develop skills to close the gaps, such as improving your speaking or writing abilities, choosing to be more open and show people other sides of yourself, or improving your wardrobe

First Impressions and Lasting Opinions

Picture this scenario

You're at a year-end work party and you plan to meet a few new people for the first time. A woman approaches your group and introduces herself to you. 

In those first split seconds, what did you do? Be honest!

How quickly did you decide if you liked her? How quickly did you decide if she was intelligent? How quickly did you decide if she seemed trusting? How quickly did you decide if you liked her style?

I do it, you did it, we all do it.

Is it virtually impossible not to form an opinion about someone?

As human beings, if we have a positive reaction to someone we then subconscious start to notice and listen to other positive things about this person. We then take this information and use it to support our first impression which backs up our intuition.

And conversely, if a person makes a bad first impression we will choose to subconsciously think about things, remember things and notice things that other people say about that person that all supports our first impression.

Because we live in a fast paced world we need to make decisions about others very quickly and we rely on our past experiences and our biases to help us make faster decisions.

Psychologists call this snap decision making “thin slicing”. What we do is look for patterns to help us recognise and understand new things.

It has been said that it can take around 20 further experiences with someone to change a bad first impression (professional image institute - USA). That's a lot of time and chances are you may not have the opportunity to see that person another 20+ times.

When you think about it, we do get hung up on that first encounter. After seeing someone again, you might find yourself saying, "She’s more professional than she was the first time I met her". We keep coming back to the first impression subconsciously.

So with year-end parties upon us, take the time to think through your image and personal brand and the impression you want to make on others.

Every introduction, every meeting, and every conversation is a stepping stone to bringing you closer to achieving your career goals.

Remember the first impression you make will have a lasting impact in the minds of others.

Styling Your Success


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