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I'm Looking For My Tribe

I've been a corporate professional, I've run a business, I've traveled the globe, had two beautiful children and have had many setbacks and incredible highlights along the way.

During the last eleven years, I've been searching for my tribe, one that stimulates my intellect and explores my WHOLENESS.

I've attended many business courses, leadership courses, public speaking courses, mentoring nights, women's events, networking lunches and the list goes on. 

While they all provided intellectual stimulation, they didn't fuel my soul.

All these programs and courses have helped me become a good businesswoman, leader and speaker but they haven't helped me become a WHOLE woman.

As I've been traveling my path, I've reached a new point of personal growth, my spiritual awakening. I've had a siren call on my soul.

Having served thousands of women over the last eleven years I've had a significant realisation.

We are all looking for the same thing. Love, connection and meaning to our lives.

It didn't matter if these women were lawyers, doctors, nurses, teachers, policewomen, artists, architects, cleaners, mums or designers. 

They were all looking for the same thing. 

I have felt that over the years women have become more isolated, have taken on greater demands both at home and work and have little time left to nurture their souls, to reflect on their life and to discover what it is that sets their soul on fire. 

So where can you go to get support as a woman who seeks both intellectual stimulation and spiritual support?

I have yet to find it. 


I want to create a tribe that empowers women to tap into their wholeness, with no judgement, to welcome all with open arms so together we can explore all of our dimensions, become whole women and to make a difference to each other and humanity.

This tribe is for you if you:

  • want to step beyond the shallows and dive deep into the centre of you.
  • have a heartfelt desire to live a deeply meaningful life full of purpose and passion.
  • believe meaning and mission matter in business.
  • want to rediscover your inner GPS and reverse engineer your life to finding more meaning and fulfilment.
  • feel isolated and miss the beautiful healing and nourishment that comes from being with other women, the sisterhood.
  • want to learn about healing, mindset, self-leadership, spirituality, meditation and wisdom sharing.
  • want to tap into your divine feminine energy to restore balance in yourself and in the world.
  • want to be a part of a sisterhood that welcomes you with open arms and appreciates your uniquness and wholness and becomes your renewable source of energy.
  • want to experience connection and community on a whole new level based on equality, spiriuality and self love.

A shift is coming like we've never seen before. Our evolution is unfolding.

An undercurrent is brewing and more and more women are having a rebirth. 

It's time to turn down the ego pursuits and turn our attention away from a culture that celebrates the superficial.


Together we will discover our awakening, our unfoldment and to leave a legacy that will out last our years on earth.

When it comes down to the last hour of our time on earth, all we will ask is, "WHO DID I BECOME"? - Robin Sharma

If you feel a calling to this tribe, please e-mail me by replying to this e-mail. 

Your Sydney Soul Sister


P.S If you missed my recent video on my energy healing session, click here to watch it.

Three Important Shifts In The Way You Think & Prepare For The Future Of Work

The future of work is already upon us, so what does this mean for you as a professional woman?

Well, the first is that you should be excited! The future of work is not a threat. It’s an opportunity to step into the spotlight.

The thing is, it doesn't matter how many years you’ve spent mastering your craft, it doesn't matter how many certificates or degrees you have - IF you never step into the spotlight in the right way and let the world see you for who you really are.

No matter what title you have at work, you need to start thinking like an entrepreneur. Why? Because the future of work demands it. The future of work is all about self-leadership.

As a leader of the future, you will be transparent, collaborative, inclusive, future-focused, accountable, intrapreneurial and both a teacher and a learner. 

You will need to make three important shifts in the way you think and prepare for the future

1. Build mastery by focusing on what you're passionate about.

It's not enough to be a generalist anymore. Knowing a little about many things makes Google your main competitor. You need to build mastery and focus on the areas you are passionate about and master it. The future is about hyper specialisation and being clear on who you are and the value you bring to your role.

2. Networks are going to be important.

Growing up we were told a story that in order to get ahead we had to compete. What we know about the future is that there are incredible opportunities to build value through collaboration and co-operation using technology and knowledge. Remember success is not about competition it's about contribution. 

3. Work is where we find meaning.

In the past, we would work to earn money to buy things to make us happy. This is not working anymore. We want more. If we are going to be working till we’re 67yrs old and if we are going to have work the center of our life, which it will be, work will need to be where we find meaning. All employees will be looking for meaning and connection to their roles, their colleagues, their managers, their workplace, and the purpose of their workplace and its connection to the wider community. We will less think about work as a means of making money to buy things we can consume but rather see work itself as a source of creativity and enormous possibilities to becoming the best we can.

If you are not self-leading your career and creating opportunities for yourself, you’ll get left behind.

If you'd like to have a chat about your personal brand and how you might leverage it for the future of work, simply click here and let's chat.

I look forward to hearing your story.


Job Title v's Personal Brand

Do you think of yourself as a job title or a personal brand?

Thousands of professional women that I’ve worked with for the past ten years have thought of themselves simply as a job title.

Is there a problem with that?

Yes, because if you compete on job title alone then you become a commodity and a commodity is easily replaceable.

As the savvy professional woman you are, you know that strong business skills alone are no longer enough to future-proof your career. The thing is your gifts and talents or what you actually do for people only accounts for 20% of how they perceive you and why they choose to promote you or want to be a part of your team.

While 80% of how your team perceives you is based not on what you know, but on who you are and how you show up in the world. your energy, your body language, your physical appearance and your tone of voice. 

Click on the image below to see just how your personal brand will determine your future career success.

For you to be the future leader, you need to start leveraging your leadership personal brand and step into the spotlight. Ultimately, personal branding is no longer an option; it’s a powerful leadership enabler.

As we look to the future, leaders need to be agile, continuously adapt, engage with others in that process and most importantly retain their core sense of identity and values.

As a professional woman you will need to:

1. Flex in Flux - the need to be fluid, mobile and adaptive has never been greater. The most aligned way to do this is by being clear in your core sense of identity and values.

2. Me to a We- you will need to draw on your inherent feminine skills of communication, empathy, collaboration and emotional intelligence to lead your teams towards the future of work and people and teams to achieve results.

3. Ask, Who Am I - with all this change, being clear on your personal brand promise will keep you focused and clear on the value you bring to your team, clients and organisation.

4. From AI to RI - An Artifical Intelligence (AI) -powered talent tool will be developed to help find the talent they need. Real Intelligence (RI) means creating a visibility plan. Your authentic visible brand (on-line and in person) will put you in a strong position as the search for talent becomes increasingly fierce.

Would you like to learn more about the future of work? 

Why Knowledge & Expertise Won't Be Enough For The Future Of Work

Are you hiding behind your knowledge and expertise and forgetting to brand yourself?

The reality is that the work you’re doing now might not be what you’re going to be doing two or five years from now. Your role, your and, your industry about to undergo a seismic shift.

If your reputation is completely dependant on a particular role and you decide to change industries or your area of expertise, it will become much more difficult for you to transition successfully.

But if you choose to build a personal brand now, you’ll be able to transition between roles and industries,


Because you’ve invested in building relationships based on who you are, not just what you know or what you do.

Here’s a question for you. 

Do you think people do business with you or promote you because you’re brilliant at what you do?

I want you to think about all the brilliant people you know at work who have great gifts and talents who are struggling to simply get noticed.

Now on the flip slide think about all the people at work with little talent who are getting promotion after promotion

So what’s going on here?

We simply live in a world where those who know how to package, brand and market themselves get all the attention, recognition and income.

The thing is your gifts and talents or what you actually do for people only accounts for 20% of how they perceive you and why they choose to promote you or want to be a part of your team.

While 80% of how your team perceives you is based not on what you know, but on who you are and how you show up in the world. your energy, your body language, your physical appearance and your tone of voice.

All those unconscious signals that reveal who you are and either draw your colleagues towards you or leave them uninspired.

So many professionals spend years getting good at their craft, really mastering what they do, rather than mastering who they are.When its who you are that inspires other people. Its who you are that creates connection and trust with your team and co-workers.

Who you are is your biggest asset and your biggest competitive edge.

If you’re a professional woman reading this you have a choice to make

You can walk into the future of work blindfolded OR you can be the self-leader you are and take an active role in preparing yourself and your personal brand for what’s about to come.

As we look to the future, leaders need to be agile, continuously adapt, engage with others in that process and most importantly retain their core sense of identity and values.

Here are three reasons why you need to get really clear on your personal brand and how it will position you for success in the future of work.

1. The battle for talent is fierce. Your personal brand if authentic and aligned will act as a magnet attracting top talent to your team and organisation . Your brand is your competitive edge that you can also use to navigate your career.

2. The linear career path will cease to exist. A strong personal brand will help you transition between roles and industries. Being clear on your PB will allow you to be fluid, mobile and adaptive which are key imperatives for the future of work.

3. According to a recent KPMG report, a key directive for CEO’s for the next 3 years is to limit brand risk. We know that 92% of people trust individuals over brands. You can leverage your authentic personal brand to become a strong brand ambassador for the organisation which will help maintain customer trust and brand reputation.

You see how you position your personal brand today will determine your future career success.

So embrace all that you are and lead with a clear sense of who you are, this is when you will excel and find true happiness in what you do.

Like to learn more? 

Come and join me and other savvy professional women if you want to learn how to leverage your personal brand to harness the opportunities that tomorrow's world of work presents.

We are visiting SYDNEY, MELBOURNE and BRISBANE. 

You can't afford to miss this thought-provoking, future-thinking masterclass.


Where Does The Personal End And The Brand Begin?

The short answer, there is no separation. One part does not end for the other to begin.

If you're a professional woman, speaker or consultant, you'll know there is no separation between "personal" and "brand".

You are your brand. Your personal brand is all-encompassing.

Think of Oprah. How many countless personal stories has she shared about her life? The most recent during the 2018 Golden Globes when she accepted the Cecil B. DeMille Award for lifetime achievement.

It's these personal stories that make you human, that build your personal brand to be more than just words on a paper or an image on your LinkedIn profile.

If you're not being "personal" with your audience i.e. team, audience members, stakeholders, boss and, clients then you have yet to fully realise your brand.

Remember people are buying YOU. All of you, the good, the bad and the ugly.

Your stories, your vocal tone, your physical appearance, your presence, the way you lead a team, the way you deliver a keynote, the way you interact with your clients.

You can't have a unique brand without it being personal.

As a professional woman, speaker or consultant, your value (whatever it is you create) is an extension of yourself and a part of your life’s story.

Personal Branding weaves together your life & your work—in the form of sharing your life’s work. Here's a process from #simonsinek's book (Find Your Why) that I personally followed to help me uncover my life stories. I am now weaving my personal stories into my work via my client sessions, keynotes and workshops to motivate and inspire others.

So grab a pen and paper and start finding the parts that are worth telling by examining your life to unearth what you're really about.

I want you to think about what stories you can share when:

  • you lead your next team meeting; what story can you share that will empower them to do more and be more.
  • you deliver your next keynote; what story journey can you take your audience on
  • you coach a client; what personal story can help move them from A to B?

Here's another reason why it's worth weaving your life and your work!

More and more organisations are now asking employee's to "bring their whole self to work". No more do you have to wear a different face to work than you do in other parts of your life. No more do you have to exert additional energy trying to be someone your not. A study by Deloitte even reported that 61% of participants admitted to leaving a big chunk of who they are at the door before they walk into work.

Imagine the ripple effect of sharing our personal stories on our diversity and inclusion efforts. 

Here's a direct quote from CEO, KPMG Canada, 2016 - Elio Luongo, "At KPMG, we believe in Inclusion and Diversity. The unique experiences, perspectives and values of our people allow us to think differently which helps us better serve our diverse clients - ultimately making our firm the client choice and #1". More details here.

Now that's great validation that sharing your unique life experience also supports the bottom line!

Branding yourself might be easier than ever, but it’s getting harder and harder to stand out. That's why sharing your personal stories will set you apart, no one else has the same story as you. So until you understand who you are underneath the outer shell, you are going to struggle to communicate your voice in a truly compelling way.

If you'd like to unearth more of who you are and how you want to show up in the world, let's schedule a call and have a chat or come and join me and other empowered women at, The Art Of Self Packaging For Success.

The world is ready for empowered women!


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