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Success is not about competition, it's about contribution

Success is not about competition; it's about contribution.

That was the message by organisational psychologist, Adam Grant during his Ted Talk. 

Many of you will know of Adam Grant as the co author to Sheryl Sandberg's latest book, Option B.

He urges organisations to reward and recognise "GIVERS". Those people who are always happy to take on additional projects and always happy to help colleagues.

I know many of you feel like you go unrecognised at work, and I know you always go the extra mile to ensure you deliver. You are GIVERS.

Adam wants to live in a world where GIVERS succeed and so do I.

This is exactly why I created The SELF Leader Brand Map.

This program is designed to provide GIVERS with tangible techniques to help them find their voice, create presence, lead with confidence and find their purpose so that others recognise just how lucky they are to have them in their team and organisation.

The final step of The SELF Leader Brand Map is dedicated entirely to being of service (contribution). This will create more fulfilled GIVERS because organisations and the world need more of them. 

What I have personally discovered through my own journey is that the more I GIVE the more I RECEIVE in terms of true fulfillment and happiness and I want the same for you.

Having served over 3000 professional women during my ten years as a personal branding expert, I have built a strong awareness of what women want and what they need.

I know I'm in the best position to advise clients on what the corporate market is looking for and equally to advise corporate organisations what employees are looking for from them.

The idea for The SELF Leader Brand Map came about because I kept hearing clients tell me:

  • They were being over looked for promotions
  • They feel like they're given less credit for their ideas 
  • They are interrupted more in meetings

When I have shared this feedback with senior decision makers in organisations, the over riding feedback was that they want to empower their employees to take their careers into their own hands and carve out their success without having to wait for someone to tap them on the shoulder.

And this feedback was backed up by a large global survey conducted by Right Management, 2015, which identified that 89% of employees believe they are or need to be responsible for the development of their career. 

So my question to you: Are you the driver or passenger of your life and career?

Are you going to keep making excuses as to why you're not getting the promotion, why your ideas are not being heard, why you feel invisible?

What I know for sure is that those individuals who invest in their professional and personal development and take massive action, are the ones who reap the rewards and find true fulfillment. 

You playing small doesn't serve you or the world in any positive way.

As women, together we will accomplish amazing things. When a woman helps another woman, they both benefit. And when women celebrate one another’s accomplishments, we’re all lifted up. Together women can do more, go further, and change the world. 

Come and join me 29.09.2017at The SELF leader Brand Map. Together we can do more, contribute more!


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