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The Rise Of The Empowered Woman - [7 Step Quest]

It’s February 17, just after 7.00pm and I was feeling exhausted and overwhelmed. This was day 12 of keeping all the balls in the air while my husband was overseas. The kids were hyperactive and not listening and I just didn’t have the energy to carry on.

I was at breaking point, I found myself on my bed crying with the knowing that I had to surrender to the moment. 

I was spent and depleted. I knew I needed to let myself feel the emotions I was experiencing.

As my children comforted me, I knew in that very moment that my life needed to change. Not just for me but for my family. 

For the past few years, I’ve been rooted to my routines. I’ve been stuck on autopilot and became a walking to-do list, focused on doing more and more while becoming disconnected from my truth.

I was completely out of balance. I was pushing and pushing to the point that my yang energy had almost completely drowned out my yin feminine energy.

With the manic pace of my life, I was constantly “doing” without creating the space for just “being”. 

The illusion is when you’re in the “doing” you grow but what I discovered is that when you’re in the “being” your grow.

On paper, some would assume I had it all. A successful business, a loving and supportive partner, two beautiful healthy children and a family home full of love. But I didn’t feel settled in my life. My soul had no space to breathe.

For the past several years women have been knocking on my door and sharing similar stories.

They were go-getters yet felt like they were not quite in their life as they were meant to be. Even after they enjoyed success, they began to awaken to what's missing and started to feel that there were aspects of themselves that have been forgotten, hidden, or were missing.

An undercurrent started to brew and more and more women were having a rebirth. It was my breaking point moment that helped me to truly understand their story.

You see every life is a story and every story has a message.

My breaking point and their messages lead to my breakthrough.

It was the impetus for me to try something I’d never tried before. I saw an energy healer who would change me forever. 

 What evolved over the coming days truly changed my life and my way of being.

For the first time ever; 

  • I realised that in order for me to reconnect with myself, I needed to reconnect with mother nature
  • I learnt how to feel settled and content by surrendering to the ebb and flow of my life and 
  • I discovered how to nurture and mother myself and to love my world through gratitude

Since pausing, unplugging and reflecting, I have awakened to the empowered woman I was created to be and I want to help you do the same.

I want my message to be your alarm clock.

This is your call to come home to who you truly are

  • It's time to reverse engineer your life to achieve greater fulfilment
  • It's time to bring back your feminine energy
  • It's time to stop being who you’ve been conditioned to be and start moving towards who you were created to be.
  • It's time to share your unique light with the world

Our organisations are encouraging us to bring our whole selves to work and our planet is crying out for us to rise and balance the energies.

If we want to change the world, if we want to change our organisations, we must start by looking within.

By you rising you’re making it easier for your sisters to find you, those who are just like you, those who are looking for you too.

So are you ready to rise, show up and be present in your life as the empowered woman you were created to be?

Together we will discover our awakening. 

P.S Don’t forget to share this quest with your soul sisters who need to rise alongside you.

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