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Three Important Shifts In The Way You Think & Prepare For The Future Of Work

The future of work is already upon us, so what does this mean for you as a professional woman?

Well, the first is that you should be excited! The future of work is not a threat. It’s an opportunity to step into the spotlight.

The thing is, it doesn't matter how many years you’ve spent mastering your craft, it doesn't matter how many certificates or degrees you have - IF you never step into the spotlight in the right way and let the world see you for who you really are.

No matter what title you have at work, you need to start thinking like an entrepreneur. Why? Because the future of work demands it. The future of work is all about self-leadership.

As a leader of the future, you will be transparent, collaborative, inclusive, future-focused, accountable, intrapreneurial and both a teacher and a learner. 

You will need to make three important shifts in the way you think and prepare for the future

1. Build mastery by focusing on what you're passionate about.

It's not enough to be a generalist anymore. Knowing a little about many things makes Google your main competitor. You need to build mastery and focus on the areas you are passionate about and master it. The future is about hyper specialisation and being clear on who you are and the value you bring to your role.

2. Networks are going to be important.

Growing up we were told a story that in order to get ahead we had to compete. What we know about the future is that there are incredible opportunities to build value through collaboration and co-operation using technology and knowledge. Remember success is not about competition it's about contribution. 

3. Work is where we find meaning.

In the past, we would work to earn money to buy things to make us happy. This is not working anymore. We want more. If we are going to be working till we’re 67yrs old and if we are going to have work the center of our life, which it will be, work will need to be where we find meaning. All employees will be looking for meaning and connection to their roles, their colleagues, their managers, their workplace, and the purpose of their workplace and its connection to the wider community. We will less think about work as a means of making money to buy things we can consume but rather see work itself as a source of creativity and enormous possibilities to becoming the best we can.

If you are not self-leading your career and creating opportunities for yourself, you’ll get left behind.

If you'd like to have a chat about your personal brand and how you might leverage it for the future of work, simply click here and let's chat.

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Job Title v's Personal Brand

Do you think of yourself as a job title or a personal brand?

Thousands of professional women that I’ve worked with for the past ten years have thought of themselves simply as a job title.

Is there a problem with that?

Yes, because if you compete on job title alone then you become a commodity and a commodity is easily replaceable.

As the savvy professional woman you are, you know that strong business skills alone are no longer enough to future-proof your career. The thing is your gifts and talents or what you actually do for people only accounts for 20% of how they perceive you and why they choose to promote you or want to be a part of your team.

While 80% of how your team perceives you is based not on what you know, but on who you are and how you show up in the world. your energy, your body language, your physical appearance and your tone of voice. 

Click on the image below to see just how your personal brand will determine your future career success.

For you to be the future leader, you need to start leveraging your leadership personal brand and step into the spotlight. Ultimately, personal branding is no longer an option; it’s a powerful leadership enabler.

As we look to the future, leaders need to be agile, continuously adapt, engage with others in that process and most importantly retain their core sense of identity and values.

As a professional woman you will need to:

1. Flex in Flux - the need to be fluid, mobile and adaptive has never been greater. The most aligned way to do this is by being clear in your core sense of identity and values.

2. Me to a We- you will need to draw on your inherent feminine skills of communication, empathy, collaboration and emotional intelligence to lead your teams towards the future of work and people and teams to achieve results.

3. Ask, Who Am I - with all this change, being clear on your personal brand promise will keep you focused and clear on the value you bring to your team, clients and organisation.

4. From AI to RI - An Artifical Intelligence (AI) -powered talent tool will be developed to help find the talent they need. Real Intelligence (RI) means creating a visibility plan. Your authentic visible brand (on-line and in person) will put you in a strong position as the search for talent becomes increasingly fierce.

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How Your Personal Colours Impact Your Interior Styling

If you read my posts you'll know this post is not what I usually write about, however my client Sylwia popped into the studio the other day to start her personal brand journey and we embarked on assessing your best personal colours.

She was shocked to realise that she decorated her home according to her own personal colours and lived in a home that reflected her style personality. She suggested that I should write about it as she was so impressed with how her natural instinct led her to make choices around the location of her home and how she styled her home. For some reason, she knew she felt very comfortable and harmonious in her surroundings BUT had no idea that it was so closely connected to her personal colouring.

So what is the connection you might be wondering?

Let's start by me showing you what a colour swatch looks like. This swatch below contains every colour that suits your personal colouring. There are colours in there that are "neutral" colours that you use to purchase your big-ticket pieces in such as your suits, blazers, pants, coats, jackets and skirts. The remaining "basic" colours are those you use to purchase your tops and accessories in. You can also use this principle to purchase your couches/armchairs and bedspread in your neutral colours and cushions, throws and other soft furnishings in your basic colours

Each one of us is subconsciously drawn to colours, prints, and textures that correlate with our own “seasons”. Many of my clients are blown away when they discover that their bedspread, cushions, couches, rugs, and artwork are actually in their own personal colours and best prints. Let's explore the four main seasons and how they apply to the interior styling of your home.


Winters like bold colours and geometric prints such as stripes, dots, chevron, checks, and plaids. They will often use these prints in their soft furnishings such as pillows, throws, lampshades, and rugs. They like to live in high-rise apartments/loft style with city views or glamour’s looking homes.

Winters may choose white, black, charcoal or navy as colour choices for their couch. When it comes to their soft furnishings they may go for royal purples, lemon yellows, hot pink, emerald greens, royal blues, bright reds or stick with a monochromatic style.


Autumns like earthy tones and their homes are usually surrounded by lots of trees. They often are drawn to timber and like the idea of texture such as velvet and linen. The prints which they gravitate to include leaves, abstract floral and even some leopard print

When it comes to their couch, autumns are most likely to aim for dark chocolate, tan or olive green. For their soft furnishings, they will aim for caramels, oranges, taupes, grass greens, chocolates, aubergine, mustard yellows, – all the colours you’d find in the forest.


Summers like their home to be comfortable and often have a “beach” or “Hamptons” style décor. They also like to live near the water. They very much value natural fibers like linen, pure wool, and cotton. Their favourite prints include floral, some stripes (nautical look) and some texture such as frills, tweed, linen or ruffles.

When it comes to their couch, summers may choose white, taupe, charcoal or navy. With regard to soft furnishings, they will be drawn to duck egg blue, light grey, pastel pink, lavender, steel blue, dusty purple and sea green.


Springs are lovers of life and also love to live in eclectic neighbourhoods surrounded by art galleries, the theatre, and cafes. They are drawn to lots of different things so you will find that they update their furnishings on a regular basis to match their current interests. They will often go for bright happy colours and have an eclectic taste for prints. They often collect great pieces during their world travels.

Springs may go for corals, lime green, bright yellows, salmon, teal, tomato red, bright purples, orange and bright blues. Springs are happy to not use a neutral core colour and instead opt for a bright colour.

So not only does a colour swatch help you dress, it also helps you select a harmonious location for your home and help you create an interior space that is totally reflective of who you are as a person.

I hope you've enjoyed reading this post and have found it as interesting as my client Sylwia.

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Styling Your Success,


Are You Holding Yourself Back By Not Taking Action?


Some of you reading this article will know me well and will know why I feel so deeply driven and focused on helping professional women close the leadership gap. Some of you may have only started to learn of me and I'm grateful you have joined our community of ambitious, heart centered women. Let me share a piece of me.

Back in 2004, I was a senior executive working at Roche, and enjoying what I was doing and enjoying the people I worked with. 

I was the "head down, bum up" executive that believed in meritocracy. I thought that my work should speak for itself and if I just continued to focus on that then I would be noticed, recognised and heard.

  • By pure luck, I was noticed
  • By pure luck, I was listened to
  • By pure luck, I was recognised

BUT what are the chances that I would always be working on a high profile project? I realised that

  • LUCK was not a career plan
  • LUCK was unpredictable
  • LUCK was passive

Question: Are you relying on luck to be noticed, listened to and heard?

Having spent the last few months creating, "The SELF Leader Brand Map", I took everything I have learned from being a senior executive for twelve years and a personal branding expert for the past ten years and collated all the feedback that I had received from serving over 3000 professional women.

I went back to basics and thought about the six core human needs which are:

  • Certainty - need for stability, predictability, and consistency (pillar 1 & 3)
  • Uncertainty - need for variety and change (pillar 2 & 3)
  • Significance - need for meaning and having a sense of importance (pillar 1, 5 & 6)
  • Love and connection - need for communication and to feel connected (pillar 1, 4 & 5)
  • Growth - need for spiritual connection (pillar 4 & 5)
  • Contribution - need to give beyond ourselves (pillar 5 & 6)

Each of the six pillars in, "The SELF Leader Brand Map" addresses these six core human needs. By understanding who are you for personal growth, how to package yourself for significance, how to communicate your value for connection and recognising that being of service is a gift, you will find true joy and fulfillment in your career and life as I have.

How are you meeting these six core needs in your life and career?

The only way you will succeed is to take massive action. You need to lead yourself and be the driver of your success and happiness. It's not up to your boss, or your partner, or your colleague to help you get noticed, recognised or heard. It's all up to  YOU. You only have one life to live! So what will it be?

If you are serious about finding true fulfillemnt in your career and life then I want to help you make that happen. 

I am now taking final placements for, "The SELF Leader Brand Map". Its taking place 29.09.17

Click here to register your interest and together we can see if this program is the right fit for you.

I'm looking forward to hearing your story and helping you find true joy and fulfillment from your career and life.

Until next time,

Janette x

How Uber and Airbnb Will Change The Face Of Leadership

In a world where customers and service providers can now rate each other, could this situation be extrapolated to the corporate landscape?

Uber, Airbnb and many other service providers allow us to rate the service we receive and in turn, the service provider is asked to rate the guest.

What if employees could compare leaders based on their personalities, behaviors, decisions and leadership styles. What if it was up to the leader to compete for talent in the public marketplace and to meet the wants of employees? I recently read an article by a colleague on LinkedIn that had me contemplate a new corporate concept and in turn the implications of what this could mean for leaders of the 21st century.

So how would this scenario impact you as a woman in leadership?

  • If you are aspiring to a leadership role, you need to invest in your leadership skills so that you attract team leaders and peers to you. By refining your skills you'll you'll always be ready for the next big opportunity.

  • I have no doubt that more and more leaders are looking for team members that have solid values and display those through every aspect of their role. Team members and team leaders seek greater fulfillment and purpose from their work. Being fully aware of what drives your motivation will put you in a place of securing a role that serves you well beyond the financial returns.

  • We are on display now more than ever. We now compete in a global marketplace. Understanding who you are, what you do, how you do it and why you do it will help you articulate your value both internally and externally. 

  • Leaders, in this world, have to model the behaviors they seek. If you want to attract talent to your team or organisation you must lead yourself first before asking others to lead with you. 

So if today you were competing for talent, how would others view and rate you and your leadership skills? Would they want to be led by you?

Now is your time to drive your success as a leader.  The world is finally ready for empowered women.

If you are in or aspiring to a leadership role and would like to really maximise your LEADER BRAND for career success then please watch this video.

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This one-day intensive program has been designed for the emerging leader who aspires to lead a team or already leads a team and wants to increase their business impact, grow their influence and boost their leadership brand.

It's for the professional woman who knows that she must be the driver and instigator of her career and ultimate success.

I look forward to taking this journey with you.


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