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20% of decisions are based on WHAT YOU KNOW. 80% are based on WHO YOU ARE

You will feel the most fulfilled when you bring who you are to what you do and how you do it. This is what it means to be an authentic leader

A strong brand creates an experience for others. It creates an emotional connection and goes well beyond a transactional mindset.


Personal Brand Development For Leaders

The best way to build your corporate brand is to help your employees build their personal brands. Yes, it might sound counter-intuitive but if you can help employees unearth what makes them exceptional and use that every day in what they do, they can build your corporate brand in a way that's authentic to them.

What would it mean for your employees to feel like they can harness and leverage their superpowers at work every day? What domino effect would that create for your organisation?

Not only would this allow for diversity of thoughts but it also makes each person more connected, confident, motivated, inspired and engaged in your business and helps move your corporate brand forward.

Our Leadership Branding workshops help employees:

1. discover their superpowers
2. lead with presence
3. act with confidence and
4. speak with influence

When each employee can deliver something that's uniquely available from them and you get all employee on the team doing that, you move the individual, team, and company forward.

By investing in your leaders, you will aid them to create an authentic image and leadership behaviours aligned to their values and to corporate objectives. In turn, they will create the culture and capabilities that will allow the organisation to achieve peak performance.

That's what I call WIN / WIN!

A leader's personal brand is a critical component of their career success. It is the way people view their skills and capabilities and the value they bring to an organisation. In today’s fast-paced business world, impressions regarding competence, intelligence, reliability, integrity and leadership ability are formed within seconds and are usually based on appearance.

Companies that encourage and embrace diversity in the workplace inspire all of their employees to perform to their highest ability. 

For the past 10 years, we’ve collaborated with hundreds of leaders from top-tier organisations around the country. We've partnered with organisations such as: PwC, Ernst & Young, Westpac, Toyota, Stockland, Edelman, Roche, MFAA, APRA, AICD, Sanofi and more.

The Changing Corporate Landscape

We've seen organisations such as JP Morgan and Chase, PwC, Virgin and Deloitte scrap their dress guidelines and opt for tag lines such as, "Bring Your Whole Self To Work" or "Dress For Your Day”. They are redefining the whole approach to getting dressed for work and embracing employee diversity.

How Can Authentic Personal Brand Development Better Skill Leaders? 

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Image Leadership Workshops

Women in Leadership - Success tips for leading like a woman

Suitable for: Women’s Leadership Programs, Women on Boards, Internal and external networking events, Women’s business forums, Women’s Internal talent development programs.

Organisations the world over are currently challenged with a lack of women in leadership positions.

There is no better time than right now for professional women to step up and craft a genuine, confident and consistent leadership brand that gets them noticed, listened to and promoted. Learn how as a woman you can get back in touch with your strengths, passion and purpose so you can show up as the genuine and confident woman you are.

Workshop Length: 3 hours to all day workshop.


How To Develop Your Leadership Brand For Professional Success

Suitable for: Male and female emerging leaders in the organisation, Internal talent development programs

Leaders need to have impact and influence. They need to deliver results through others; supporting, directing, coaching and leading their team to continually maximise performance. This workshop is designed to help Leaders refine their Executive Presence to help them manage across teams and within their teams so they continue to be successful.

Workshop Length: 3 hours to all day workshop.


Campus To Corporate - Success Tips for Millennials

Suitable for: New Graduates entering the workforce

This workshop is designed to enable new graduates to make the transition from the casual lifestyle of university to the corporate corridors smooth and stress-free. Every new graduate must learn and master the art of Impression Management in order to motivate others to believe in their talents, listen to their ideas and take action on their proposals.

Workshop Length: All day workshop.

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