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  • Discover in-depth what your current situation is and the main challenges you face
  • Explore and discuss your most important outcomes that you would like to accomplish by utilising an Image Consultant / Stylist
  • See if our styling packages or corporate workshops / services can help you solve that problem so you can get what you want.

As you know we work with a select group of action takers and organisations because of the high level of involvement we have in each company and client’s personal and professional transformation.

If you choose to work with us either one-on-one or via our corporate workshops, I guarantee the investment you make will more than pay for itself in the invaluable time, money and stress you save. Let us delivery new ideas, change perceptions and inspire you and/or your team.

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Here’s what Alison had to say about our service, three years after our initial consultation

I now have a clear picture and some great direction of how I want to look and what works best for my changing body. Big hugs xx.    Alison

Here’s what our corporate client Genea had to say about our on going service.

Janette, thank you so much for facilitating exceptional workshops on the Power of Personal Image. The content was dynamic, yet practical, with a splash of fun. We explored the importance of first impression, personal style and the creation of a career wardrobe. The workshop was really well received, creating a very positive vibe amongst the group. All participants loved the experience, and many of my colleagues have been inspired to reinvent their corporate image.

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