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51% of women said that a lack of confidence was limiting their career progression
60% of women have clothes they have not worn since purchase
94% of Australian women said their self-confidence increased when they look good

Is this you? 

Are you run off your feet trying to juggle presentations, meetings, team management, interstate and overseas work trips and family commitments?

When was the last time you got dressed for work feeling like your outfit reflected your personal brand, your experience and what you stand for?

As a professional woman what you wear affects you more than you realise. It affects how you feel when you look at yourself in the mirror every day, it affects your confidence and how you perform in meetings with colleagues and it affects the way you talk and behave with clients and peers.

If the way you dress doesn't align with your position, your worth and skills then you compromise and undermine all the hard work you're doing in your career.

Organisations the world over are currently challenged with a lack of women in leadership positions. So that tells me there is no better time than right now for you to step up and craft a genuine, confident and consistent leadership brand that gets you noticed, listened to and promoted

So if you feel your image doesn’t reflect your personal brand and your experience or your confused about how to create smart casual outfits that reflect your leadership brand, position and service fees or you know your image is costing you time, confidence and missed opportunities

Then it's time to take action!

I understand the daily challenges you face and I have made it my life purpose to take care of crafting your signature personal brand/style while you focus your energy on doing what you do best.You know that when you look good you feel great and ultimately you do your best work. 

At Image Consultants, we only work with individuals who are committed to the process and are ready for positive change. I guarantee the investment you make to work with me will more than pay for itself in the invaluable time, money and stress you save. I only work with a select group of action takers because of the high level of involvement I have in each client’s personal and professional transformation.

Our services are as individual as you are: So if there is a package that doesn’t quite meet your needs then please contact me and together we’ll custom design your specific package that will get you the results you deserve.

Platinum Personal Brand Package - For Professional Women

4 sessions (max. duration 6 weeks)

  • determine your best colours for impact and influence and shop with laser focus. You will also learn how to build a mix and match wardrobe using the right colours for the right pieces.
  • we will determine your body shape and teach the styling strategies to showcase your features
  • we will determine your dressing style personality and show you which clothing elements support your true style
  • we will review your wardrobe by removing the clothes you don’t want to make room for the clothes that will reflect your true style, career goals and where you are headed in life.
  • we will create a secret shared pinterest board to ensure the shopping trip is purposeful and successful.
  • we will pre-select all your garments in store to complete your visual brand. (complimentary pre-shopping which saves you time & money)

Optional Extra 

  • Wardrobe Integration - integrate your new pieces into your wardrobe.

Personal Brand Creation - For Professional Women Turned Entrepreneurs

1 session (3 - 4 hours)

During this comprehensive session we will: 

  • help you find alignment between your values, position, purpose and your chosen career path or business start up.
  • help you create a style that authentically complements your purpose so you attract the right team members and clients
  • identify any clothing gaps you have that are preventing you from showing up as the fully aligned brand.
  • identify your best colours for impact and influence





Virtual Colour and Styling Service

2 skype calls + email correspondence (max. duration 3 weeks)

Not in Sydney, No problem.

Thanks to technology, styling is no longer limited to in-person appointments. Skype, email, and a variety of programs allow us to curate special looks and make recommendations for clients anywhere in the world.

Let’s start your style journey today with our virtual colour and style service

Here’s how it works:

  • let’s chat- a live Skype call to kick start your colour and style journey. We’ll review your key objectives, the personal brand creation process and next steps.
  • determine your best colours, textures and prints (via photo’s) so you can shop with laser focus, always choosing colours that make you alive. You will also learn how to build a mix and match wardrobe using the right colours for the right pieces. We will e-mail a copy of your best colours.
  • provide you with the most important styling tips for your shape (via photo’s) so you dress and shop with confidence. We will e-mail you a copy of your style guide.
  • determine your personal dressing style (via a quiz, and a five day selfie challenge which you’ll upload to Pinterest) so you can visualise what suits you and why - together we will review this.
  • let’s touch base - a live Skype call to review your pinterest board and answer any questions you have related to your colours, style and selfie challenge.

If you are committed to making positive lasting change, click here now and apply for a free 30-minute phone discovery session with me.

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Janette’s natural ability to identify with her clients is amazing. I left feeling empowered. She listens intensively and has such a warm and caring nature. If you are looking for someone to inspire and assist you in finding the confident person you want to be, Janette is the first and only person I would call.   Sara

Janette knows her stuff! She is incredibly personable and loves doing what she does. She knows how to translate sensible and realistic advice. She has given me the confidence to mix things up a bit, so I’m not wasting time overthinking.

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