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Mix & Max Smart Casual Masterclass

Do you suffer from closet panic most mornings?

Do you dread the thought of what to wear when catching up with friends for lunch or dinner?

Do have orphan pieces sitting in your wardrobe will the guilt tags still attached?




During this hands on practical workshop you will learn:

This masterclass is going to be one of the most practical workshops you’ll ever attend. I will be hand-selecting pieces for you to try on during our masterclass. These pieces will be selected based on your colouring, body shape and dressing style. We will have all the latest styles from your favourite labels on hand so you can practice creating that effortless smart casual look then and there.

So why not get your friends together or just come along yourself and meet other like minded women who want the same outcome as you. All for the cost of 1-2 fashion mistakes.

Janette, you are just amazing and so much fun to be around. You have a lovely gift and obvious passion for what you do. My wardrobe is looking great and organised - which is all inspired by you. It's now quick and easy to pull together an outfit for any occasion. And I thank you for that. Megan

Spent a wonderful afternoon with Janette and four other ladies learning about how to Mix & Max my smart casual wardrobe. I was a real beginner with styling and Janette was so helpful, knowledgeable and honest. It was a fun-filled informative afternoon and I am very excited to get shopping with all I've learn't. Wendy


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The Art of Self Packaging For Success - For Professional Women

Is your image costing you time, money, confidence and missed opportunities?

Whether you're an executive, working mum or entrepreneur you can’t afford to leave your personal brand to chance.

What I want to do is show you a way to package yourself that makes you feel great and helps you achieve your goals!

It's what I call "The Art of Self Packaging for Success".

It's a way you can get dressed every morning with ease, walk out the door in under 3 minutes feeling confident and successful.

How do I know this is possible? Well because I have done it and I want to show you how you can do it too.

99% of my clients have struggled for most of their lives trying to discover and create a style that truly aligns with who they are and their position. If it was easy then everyone would be able to do it, right?.

Imagine how good it would be if you opened up your wardrobe to reveal pieces that all mixed and matched, that worked for your professional objectives, colouring, body shape and lifestyle and you were able to get dressed in under 3 minutes with ease every day?

What would that mean to you?

*To be able to get dressed every morning with ease and feel great about your choices?

*To be able to confidently shop anywhere knowing what suits your shape, colouring and style which ultimately saves you time, money and energy?

*To turn up to a meeting feeling empowered and confident?

*To be dressing in sync with your friends and mentors at work?

*To look and feel great at work every day so you can do your best work and get that promotion or business deal you deserve.

During the "The Art Of Self Packaging For Success", you will gain valuable insights into the knowledge you need so you can achieve the personal style and business success you've always wanted.

This action packed workshop is designed to help you:

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