You’re getting ready for work and you leave the house looking less than polished. The outfit you’ve chosen just doesn’t seem to come together and you’re not sure why. Does this sound familiar?

There’s a little secret you may not know and it’s used frequently amongst Stylists and Image Consultants like myself. It’s the power of the third piece. It’s a simple trick that will really take your outfit to the next level.

The purpose of the third piece is to tie separate elements together, making your look polished, more interesting, and like you put a little effort into your look.

The third piece is the accessory or piece of clothing that can add the excitement and personality to your outfit when everything else you’re wearing is plain or simple. Your pants / skirt / jeans and top are your first and second pieces, and your third piece is an extra outfit element such as a jacket, blazer, sweater, vest or statement accessory. 

Here are some options to consider:

Add a jacket, blazer or coat

 2. Add a vest (long or short)

3. Add accessories – in the form of a scarf, or hat, or statement jewellery, or belt.

Personal Style

If your workplace has a smart / business casual dress policy then it’s really important as a professional to maintain your executive presence while dressing down. This principle will always lift your appearance and ensure you never run the risk of dressing too casual.

So as you get dressed for work tomorrow ask yourself, “Am I wearing my third piece?”