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The SELF Leader Brand Map

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The SELF Leader Brand Map

As a professional woman, are you taking charge of your career and leveraging your leader brand for career success?

So where are you now?

  • Maybe up until now you’ve been frustrated because you’re not getting the kind of opportunities you know you are ready for?
  • Perhaps you feel undervalued and wish you could have greater presence, speak up, take risks and have your ideas acknowledged.
  • Potentially you’re not sure how to promote yourself without feeling like you have to become someone else?
  • Possibly you’re unsure how to create a leadership image that reflects your experience and signals you’re ready for the next big opportunity.

So where do you want to be?

  • Imagine being recognised as the confident and talented woman you are.
  • Here you can be in flow everyday seeking to share your knowledge and feeling fulfilled.
  • What if you could bring your feminine power and leader brand to the table where everyone listened to your ideas and implemented them.
  • Picture being able to wake up, get dressed with ease and feel authentically confident, ready to play a bigger game and be given a seat at the table.

So how are you going to get there?

Here’s how, I want to tell you about, “The SELF Leader Brand Map”.

Sense of Self to Sense of Service Significance of Self Promotion Science of Self Behaviour Sense of Self Art of Self Packaging Connection of Self Communication

Why is now the time to focus on this?

Women hold only 32% of senior management positions in Australia.The world is finally ready for empowered women. You are now free to present a new image of what leadership looks like. You can now integrate your feminine power to look and lead like women

Your BRAND is your asset. Investing in your leader brand today will help you transition smoothly between roles, teams and organisations which is imperative to your career progression

By 2020 your leadership profile will be completely public. Your peers will be in a position to publicly rate you on your leadership behaviors, your leadership style and many other elements around your personal brand AND as a leader you will also need to compete for talent in the public marketplace. 

So what is “The SELF Leader Brand Map”?

It’s a map that takes you through a self discovery journey of harnessing your LEADER BRAND that will move you from a state of feeling undervalued and invisible to a state of being empowered, confident and ready to super charge your LEADER BRAND and career.

You will define your values, learn to leverage your super powers and articulate WHY you do what you do. By doing this you will feel connected to yourself on every level and know with absolute clarity who you are and what type of authentic leader you want to be.

You will learn how to create a unique signature style and leader brand that communicates your personal brand attributes, values, and expertise. Your style will get you noticed but its your signature that makes you unique

You will learn to maximise your executive presence by applying body language strategies successful leaders use to deliver their message.


You will learn key influencing skills to communicate assertively. This will help you deliver your ideas with confidence and engage and motivate others.

You will learn how to embrace opportunities to communicate your accomplishments and to help you create visibility. Learn the strategies to network authentically one-on-one across your three peer groups to help build your sphere of influence.

Lead to leave a legacy. Success without fulfilment is the ultimate failure. Being of service is much more accessible in our daily lives then we realise. Giving to others through service is simply recognising what you do best and offering that as a gift to someone else. You will reflect on your deepest desires and identify options for giving back to find true fulfilment in your career and life.


Who Is This Program For?

This one day intensive program has been designed for the emerging leader who aspires to lead a team or already leads a team and wants to increase their business impact, grow their influence and boost their leadership brand.

How You’ll Be Empowered

Apply skills immediately without going into overwhelm.

You will be given cutting edge content in a highly interactive environment.

You will receive proven and practical bite size tips in each of the six areas with peer to peer feedback.

We will provide you with a safe space outside of your organisation where you can openly discuss your challenges with peers.

You will speak in front of your peers and get real time feedback.

What’s Included?

  • Full day program
  • Work book with done for you templates
  • Action plan – what will you commit to doing more of, less of or differently
  • Practical and relevant skills
  • A one hour live group coaching call two weeks following the program
  • Access to a network of like-minded accomplished women
  • Access to a private Facebook group
  • All meals: Morning Tea, Afternoon Tea and Lunch, Coffee and Tea accessible all day

About Your Facilitator

Janette Ishiyama

As the go to personal branding expert for professional women, Janette has served over 3000 professional women for the past ten years and has helped them create authentic personal brands that reflect their position, skills, experience and what they stand for.

Janette is a Personal Branding Expert, Speaker and Internationally Accredited Image Consultant.

She has partnered with top tier organisations around the country such as Westpac, IAG, Ernst & Young, Roche, APRA, Stockland, Toyota and many more. She has delivered over three hundred image leadership workshops for emerging leaders as a part of their talent development programs and women's leadership programs.

She's a real advocate for women in or aspiring to senior leadership positions and her gift to professional women is to help them craft a leadership image which will ultimately elevate their confidence and accelerate their business success.

With a background as a senior executive and having travelled the world working with global business teams, Janette understands the challenges women in leadership face. She is fiercely driven to see all professional women lead with confidence and claim the leadership positions they deserve.

What participants have said about our programs


Tony Robbins says, “The No.1 trait of successful people are those who take action”.

Your future starts with you.

Date: 2018 dates to be confirmed

Time: 8.30am to 5.30pm

Location: Sydney, hotel to be confirmed

Investment: One payment of $1097

It’s time to BACK yourself

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Frequently Asked Questions

I’m keen to enrol. How do I sell it to my manager?
As a first step, you should sit down with your manager to discuss the program. Before your discussion, we suggest you print your most recent performance review and the program outcomes.
Please contact us by clicking here and we’ll offer you a guide on how you can ask for your organisation to support you on this program.

Is there a money back guarantee?
We are committed to all our clients. We will gladly offer a 100% money back guarantee if you feel you have not received enormous value from this one-day intensive program.

How Will Your Organisation Benefit?

  • Buy unearthing what makes you exceptional and using that every day in what you do then you will help build the corporate brand in a way that’s authentic to you.
  • You’ll be a more engaged, inspired and productive leader and team player which will help move the corporate brand forward.
  • You’ll learn proven techniques that will benefit you, colleagues and stakeholders and help your organisation achieve their business goals. 
  • Talent has become the most important competitive differentiator for organisations today. When you take charge of your career, your organisation in turn, creates a culture that encourages career management.

What Is the Cancellation Policy?

  • Full refund of registration fee with more than 28 days notice.
  • 50% refund of registration fee with 14 to 28 days notice.
  • No refund of registration fee with less than 13 days notice.
  • You may register a colleague or friend as your substitute at no extra cost if you notify us at least 5 business days before the program.
  • If you do not attend and do not make prior arrangements with us to cancel your registration or transfer it to a substitute, you will be charged 100% of the registration fee.

If this sounds like the kind of program you are craving for and it’s the kind of women you want to become, then you need to join me and other ambitious women at this one day intensive program where you will leave feeling ready to soar.

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