An Australian study was conducted that showed most women own 100 significant pieces in their wardrobes and each piece costs on average $100.

That means that most women have approx. $10,000 of inventory sitting in their wardrobes. Unfortunately, most of us only wear 20% of our wardrobes 80% of the time. So that’s $8000 of your hard-earned money sitting and collecting dust in your wardrobe. Sadly we repeat this every 6-8 years. 

During my recent image leadership workshop at Westpac, the group of female leaders completely agreed with the above numbers. They had never really thought about how much money they had spent on clothes. 

I want you to go right now, open up your wardrobe doors and count how many pieces of clothing you haven’t worn in the last 12 months. How many of those pieces were purchased on sale?


Because I want you to realise that as a smart, savvy and confident women you only need a small versatile wardrobe that’s going to make you feel great.  I bet you have way too many pieces of clothing sitting in your wardrobe collecting dust, or reminding you of how much money you’ve wasted yet again, or how much weight you’ve put on or how much your life has changed. 

I spend 40% of my time as a stylist and Image Consultant rummaging through clients wardrobes.  I know for a fact that we all have far too many pieces of clothing. Do you really need 7 pairs of jeans or 6 pairs of black pants? NO!!!

Have you ever stopped to think about the carbon footprint you are leaving behind every time you buy a piece of clothing that you only wear once or twice and then ditch? My friend Dani sent me this video which looks at our shopping habits and the impact it’s having on our environment. Just click here.


I’m going to show you the method I personal use and that I also teach my clients every day and that is “How to create wardrobe clusters”. This method is designed to:

  • make sure you always have something great to wear (even if one piece is in the wash or at the dry cleaner)
  • stop you from wasting money on one hit wonders because you are so clear on what you currently own
  • make you realise that you have way more than you really need.

For some of us our wardrobes look like this (see above). If it does then you are going to be very challenged trying to mix and match pieces successfully.

Whilst these pieces on their own look great, they don’t all mix and match. That might explain why you have a wardrobe full of clothes and still feel like you have nothing to wear!

 So what can you do?

Pick one piece from this capsule that you LOVE and place it on your bed and let’s build a wardrobe capsule.

Let’s pick the blue and white printed top. You’ll notice that I used the blue jeans from the wardrobe to integrate into this capsule. The top will successfully work with all the chosen bottoms. Notice how I chose to use neutral colours for the blazer, denim skirt and white jeans? Neutral colours are outfit multipliers and you should try and purchase your big ticket pieces in neutral colours. This is what will make your wardrobe so versatile. These colours include denim, white, black, charcoal, navy, ink, chocolate, olive green, taupe, beige, tan and cream.

Now let’s take another two pieces from the original uncoordinated wardrobe such as the black and white harem pants and the black jacket. I can now also add the white denim jeans, blue denim skirt and blue denim jeans. The only new items I added was one top that I’ve been able to use will all the bottoms and a nude pair of flats.

Final Word:

Try and create at least one capsule for each of the areas of your life i.e. work, socialising, family time etc. Based on how much time you spend doing these activities will determine how many capsules you’ll need for that part of your life. It’s also a good idea to take photo’s of the capsules you’ve created so you don’t forget what combinations you can wear. Imagine how great it will be to eradicate decision fatigue forever!

Give it ago this weekend, I promise the time you invest now means no more stress, no more wasted money and no more one hit wonders for years to come!

P.S If you’d like to learn more about your personal brand, colour and style, feel free to check out out, “The Art Of Self Packaging For Success (3 Hour recording of a live workshop)” or “The Rise Of The Empowered Women (7 step quest with video’s within a closed Facebook group).