Beautiful Beings,

Since my spiritual awakening in 2018, I have come to experience a deeper connection to my spirit and style.

Normally my posts are about the value of our personal brand in a corporate space but today I wanted to show with you an alternate way to perceive your style and brand.

One of the first things I realised during my awakening is that “My body is in my spirit and not the other way around BUT I’d never thought of styling my spirit.

When you think about it, combining style with our emotional being, really makes sense because it can shift your vibration, energy, confidence, and self-awareness?  For me its an act of self-care.

So have you thought about how to use colour and style to reflect your spirit and energy?

After studying Feng Shui, I realised the value of creating a three dimensional (3D) vision board. One element of your life that you can consciously create a 3D vision board is for your brand. Your brand style is an expression of your soul and spirit. Remember everything on you and around you influence your subconscious mind and that of others.

Style is a reflection of who we are inside and when there is a sense of disconnectedness to the inner self, that comes through in how we dress.

Life can be challenging, but how we show up matters. I believe true style works from the inside out and not the other way around. To me, style has always had a deeper meaning than what’s popular amongst the masses. It’s a very individual experience and everyone’s predisposition is unique. It’s so vital to honour that.

When we express ourselves in a way that feels aligned, it feels as if we are one with ourselves. We feel alive, energised and joyful. It’s a great way to enhance your natural vibration.

In ancient astrology, the High Priestess would bring out the sleeping potential of a human through the play of amulets, colours, and garments which were all considered as part of the magic. 

So how do we create an authentic and aligned spirit soul style?

The simple answer is to dive deep within and to connect with your higher self.

Today I want to show you how to create your spirit soul style from the inside out. Here are some questions to reflect on.

Step 1:

1. How do you move through the world? Is your spirit calm, high energy, magnetic, intuitive, collaborative?

2. What is your soul essence? Mysterious, deep, earthy, ethereal, light, high vibrational?

3. What are you drawn to? i.e. nature, art, animals, food, music, history, sunsets, water, the stars, etc

4. What are your superpowers? Wisdom, foresight, dot connector, talent development, creativity, analytical, visionary, intuitive, etc.

Step 2:

1. What are your best colours? Bear in mind everyone has two seasons. Your two season might see you being drawn to deep rich colours as well as autumnal colours. You can do a virtual or personal session with me to determine this. Click here to arrange a chat with me.

2. Colours also carry vibration and frequency. You can use it to help you feel a certain way and to elicit a reaction from your audience. Here is my interpretation of how it can be used and I think you’ll be surprised at how interconnected all things are.

How Humans React To Colours

Every colour carries a yin (feminine) or yang (masculine) energy and there is a time and place for all colours. Below you’ll see that “Red” carries the longest wavelength with the shortest frequency and lowest energy and “Violet” carries the shortest wavelength with the highest frequency and energy.

When you choose what colours to wear thing about:

  1. The impact of that colour on both yourself and others around you.
  2. The role the colour can play based on your objectives.

You might be wondering why I have included a map of our chakra’s? Well, since my awakening I have come to see the absolute interconnectedness of all things.

I recently made a video about and their connection to unity consciousness. Here I’d like to show you how our chakra’s connect with their colours and how they can make us feel.

Red (Yang): stimulates energy, draws attention, is passionate, aggressive (you mean business) and symbolises importance, action, and confidence. It’s a grounding colour as associated with the Root chakra which anchors us to the earth, and gives us the feeling of being stable and secure. Great colour for negotiating (but in small amounts)

Orange (Yin): radiates warmth and energy, encourages creativity, socialisation, playfulness and stimulates activity. Its beautifully connected to our sacral chakra which is connected with creativity. This colour cultivates adaptability and will empower us to accept change and transform. A great colour to wear if you’re wanting to establish creative energy for creative activity.

Yellow (Yang): Shines optimism, happy, friendly and encourages communication. A great colour to create a sense of community. This chakra promotes personal power and self-confidence. This is a great colour to wear if leading a team day.

Green (Yin): Soothes, harmonious, stable and natural. You can easily see how this connects with our heart chakra and carries yin energy. It would be a good colour to wear when you are facilitating performance reviews.

Blue (Yang): Calming, trustworthy, committed, dependable and we also connected blue with authority. Given this colour is connected to the throat chakra, it can be used to help you communicate with integrity so you do come across as being trustworthy. A great colour to wear delivering an open address at a national conference.

Indigo (Yin): Intuition, wisdom and inner peace. This colour can bring clarity and can be worn when you are communicating the bigger picture of a team project. A great colour to wear when explaining WHY we are doing what we are doing and how it connects with a greater cause. Can you sense the yin feminine energy in this?

Violet (Purple) (Yang): Royal, Mysterious, Decadent. This colour represents spirituality, transformation, and the future. This is a great colour to wear if you are wanting to express the future vision of the business. A great colour to wear to take people on a journey, show them what’s possible and to dream of possibilities.

3. Are you attracted to certain textures or prints? for example, if your soul essence is earthy then you may find yourself attracted to different textures. Note: each season connects with certain textures and prints which we determine during your colour session.

Step 3

Now its time to look at ways to bring elements of your spirit to your style.

Example Of A Person With A Winter Profile

They have darker colouring, they like clean lines (notice her hair, clothing lines and colours), their presence is are often alluring and magnetic and they move with intention. They prefer solid colours (often long wavelength and shortest frequency) and if they wear a print, it will be geometric in form. These shapes also support their strong presence. Being intuitive is their natural superpower.

Example Of A Person With An Autumn Profile

They are heavily connected to the earth. They have this great balance between being practical / comfortable and stylish. They love texture in their colouring and they are drawn to natural fabrics (linen and cotton). They enjoy wearing nature/ animal-based prints and colours with a shorter wavelength and higher frequency. Their superpower is to take action and get things done.

Example Of A Person With A Summer Profile

They have a softer presence to them. They are calm and move more slowly through the day. They are sensitive to the needs of others and make great listeners. They have an effortless style (mixing comfort with elegance with clean lines). Their superpower is being in a team-leading role.

Example Of A Person With A Spring Profile

They have a real zest for life and you’ll often see them buzzing around the office. They love people and life and you’ll often see them on a stage. They are very artistic and creative and their superpower is their positive energy. They can motivate others and give an alternate creative option to a problem.

I hope this has given you some idea of how to style and colour your soul spirit.

If you’d like to learn more about your personal brand, colour and style, feel free to check out out, “The Art Of Self Packaging For Success (3 Hour recording of a live workshop)” or “The Rise Of The Empowered Women (7 step quest with video’s within a closed Facebook group).

P.S Remember: your style will shift and evolve as your soul evolves. Your colours will also shift as you mature so be sure to go back from time to time and check in with your higher self.

P.S.S No colour is better or less than the other. It’s about finding the colours that work for you.